Improve the quality of your brain perfusion scans


The following points are important in order to obtain the best results with the lowest dose for your brain perfusion scans.
These parameters are defined for adaptive 4D Spiral perfusion scans:

  • Use the default protocol that comes with your scanner: For example, in the latest syngo CT software for the SOMATOM Definition AS we use 80 kV and 200 mAs.
  • Do not scan longer than 45 seconds. A longer scan time does not have any influence on the results and increases patient dose.
  • The maximum cycle time should not exceed 1.5 seconds. Longer cycles times may lead to errors.
  • If possible, position the patient so that the eyes are not in the scan field.
  • Ensure good contrast enhancement that yields a well-defined bolus by choosing an appropriate contrast protocol (consider needle, volume, flow rate, saline chaser). We recommend 36ml Iodine (400mg/ml) at a flow rate of 6ml/s followed by a saline chaser of 30ml with identical flow rate.1

1Values are recommended by Doctor P. Schramm, Department of Neuroradiology, University Göttingen, Germany.