Luminos dRF Max

The smart way to invest in remote fluoroscopy

Luminos dRF Max

Efficiency and consistency with the MAX family

Interview with Alison Hartley, Chief Radiographer and Clinical Manager at Dr Kauffman and Partners Inc., Life Hilton Private Hospital, Hilton, South Africa.

Clinical versatility

With its broad range of configurations and clinical applications, Luminos dRF Max1 enables high utilization in both fluoroscopy and radiography. Advanced applications such as tomography2, digital substraction angiography (DSA)2 and SmartOrtho2 for long leg and full spine imaging can further increase its clinical versatility.

Barium swallow
Fast and easy examination set up

Shoulder a.p. 20° tube angulation, standing
Easy set up for oblique projections

Shoulder a.p. 20° tube angulation, sitting
Oblique projection for patients of all sizes

MAX image quality without grid

Lateral weight-bearing foot
Weight-bearing exams without accessories

Chest p.a.
High quality chest exams on the basic system

Weight-bearing foot
Free exposures with MAX wi-D2 and MAX mini2 detectors

Chest p.a.
Fully standardized with Bucky wall stand2

Cross table exams
Projection flexibility with ceiling-suspended X-ray tube2

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1Luminos dRF Max is not commercially available in all countries. Due to regulatory reasons its future availability cannot be guaranteed. Please contact your local Siemens Healthineers organization for further details.